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22/7 Red Ram

22/7 Red Ram

The History

The original "Ram's Head" Muff (which this is based on), marked the first significant redesign of E-H's Big Muff back in '73. With bigger input and output caps and a few other circuit tweaks, the Ram sounded generally more aggressive than the first generation. Famously adopted by David Gilmour and a permanent fixture in my fave Muff manglers Dinosaur Jr (they even appear to have based their band logo on the Ram's cheesy 70s Bocklin Art Nouveau font). With vintage prices heading ever-upwards and YouTube legend gearmanndude's campaign for a reissue looking like a non-starter, a good clone is the obvious choice for the financially challenged.

22/7 Red Ram

Based on a fat '73 Ram, the clone is built to a high standard using heavy duty Neutrik jacks, Alpha pots and footswitch, all wrapped up in a compact bare aluminium MXR-sized box, topped with a superbright clear red LED. It also features true bypass switching, 9V Boss-style centre -ve jack and a Zinc Chloride PP3 to keep the battery nerds happy.

The Sound

The original "Ram’s Heads" are known for their thunderous low end and supreme evil scooped mids, and that exactly what you get here. It practically begs you to drop-tune and dig in. Looking at the whopping input and output caps, it comes as no surprise to find it sounds more than decent on bass too. If the current E-H reissues aren’t doing it for you, step this way.

All samples were recorded with a Line 6 Backtrack+mic, '75 Fender Musicmaster (low output vintage single coils), Laney LC15 valve amp set pretty clean

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A word of thanks must go to Kit Rae for his superbly researched and pretty definitive history of all things Muff.

For the folks who have come here via the review at, please note that the pedal on there is actually the Violet Ram.