North Effects

The Government Issue


The Marshall Guv'nor may not have been the first pedal to do the "amp in a box" thing, but I'd argue it was the first to really get it right. I must confess that I didn't own one back in the day (they were very easy to get hold of back in the pre- boutique boom early 90s) - I'm a recent convert due to being given an original to put through the Klone-o-matic. What came out was far too good not to make some more.

What's the deal? Well, it joins a great crunchy, LED clipped distortion with an even greater 3-band EQ. It also manages to sound on point right across its gain range, all the way from clean to cranked Big Muff territory. Not an easy trick to pull off. There's plenty of output on tap as you increase the gain, should you wish to punish the input stage of your amp. Output level is about unity with the gain on zero, so can be used to just add some EQ tweaks

The Govenment Issue sticks to the original script circuit wise (only the effects loop of the original has been dropped), comes in a suitably gruff textured black finish with soft-touch coloured pointer knobs and is true bypass.